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"Free-range" means animals see the light of day (depending on the weather) and their feet actually come in contact with the earth. They are outside enjoying the elements.


"Free-run" means animals can move around in open concept barns, but they DO NOT necessarily have access to the outdoors and overcrowding may still be an issue.


"Cage-free" means animals are not confined to battery cages, but that's about it. They don't have access to the outdoors.


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Phone: 250-746-5601


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duncan turkeys  

Free Range Chicken (meat birds)

free range chicken meat bird for roasting

Farm Direct Chickens
$4.25/lb by the box

$4.45/lb less than box

Most people order a month or two before the chickens are ready to go. We are generally sold out way ahead of time.

If you place an order you will receive it the day after processing. One day after the birds were alive. We communicate by email and let you know the pick-up date as soon as our processing date is confirmed.

We deliver FREE to Langford and Victoria to set rendezvous spots. It is usually before noon on Wednesdays.

The birds will be fresh, whole andindividually bagged and ready for roasting or cutting up. Most customers order them by the box. There are generally 6 in a box.

Our Chickens free range unless the weather is bad, and then they are free run (by their choice):

Our birds are Fresh, Free Range,  No Medications.  No Antibiotics.  And No Steroids or added Hormones.

We usually have 4 batches per year and try for March, June, September and November.

We raise the Cobb breed which is always a hit because of the plentiful meat on the breasts and thighs.

Please Join ou MAILING LIST to be reminded to order early.

To Place an order:

Copy and paste the following into an email and send to


Full Name :
Phone # :
Email Address:
Quantity of chicken: 

Order by the box or by individual numbers. (there is a price break for 6 or more chickens)

Location where you want to receive your order: 

a) Farm (Duncan)
b) Langford (near Costco) 
c) Victoria (Shelbourne and MacKenzie) 

Free Delivery to Langford, Victoria rendezvous spots

send to

*** We will send a confirmation email 

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you. 


COMING in March 2018 - We are opening a FARM STORE for BeeKeeping Supplies and we will also be selling our frozen turkey, chicken and beef as it becomes available. Hopefully we can do packaged meat 'parts' as well as the usualy whole.

The website for the store will be launched in January or February.



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New Farm Store

Opening March 2018

Bee supplies and more

what is free range?


Island Grown Food for Island Folks.



We are committed to helping Vancouver Island have its own sustainable food source.

Offering the consumer an alternative to commercialized and industrialized food



Turkey is a Super Food






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