Organic pasture raised beef, free range chickens, free range turkeys in Duncan, BC in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island
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"Free-range" means animals see the light of day (depending on the weather) and their feet actually come in contact with the earth. They are outside enjoying the elements.


"Free-run" means animals can move around in open concept barns, but they DO NOT necessarily have access to the outdoors and overcrowding may still be an issue.


"Cage-free" means animals are not confined to battery cages, but that's about it. They don't have access to the outdoors.

What is a free range turkey?


duncan turkeys  

Welcome to our Farm Website

We Believe:
Happy & Ethically Raised Animals = Healthy Food
Are Farm is Free Range, no antibiotics, no hormones & Pesticide Free


Our Products

Chicken - Free Range Meat Birds

Fresh,  No Medications.  No Antibiotics.  And No Steroids or added Hormones. Whole birds only. Individually bagged with the neck inside. Great for roasting whole or for cutting up.

Taking Orders for:

1) July 14 (Cobb/Sasso cross variety). SOLD OUT

2) August 18 (Cobb/Sasso cross)
Taking orders by email

Learn more about our breeds at:

FREE DELIVERY to Victoria and Langford: We meet customers at a set location on a set date at a set time. Ask us for more details.

Or pick-up at the farm.

Email us your order at:


Organic, Pasture and Island Raised, Free Range Beef:
Pasture raised organic beefPLEASE CONTACT US
Please email or call us.

Organic, locally raised, Pasture raised Free Range, No antibiotics. No Hormones.

Visit our Beef page for more info:

Minimum order is 1/4 of a cow also known as 'half a side'.

Options for ordering:
a) full cow
b) order by the side which is half a cow or
c) half a side which is 1/4 cow.

Ordering includes cut and wrap of standard cuts as well as free delivery within an hour of Duncan.

Sorry, but we do not sell by individual cuts.

free range turkeys, farm directFree Range Turkeys - Fresh for Thanksgiving and Christmas

We will start taking orders in July.

Email us at:

**We are outside this time of year so email is best. We check it many times a day.

Fresh turkeys avail for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Fresh, Free Range,  No Medications.  No Antibiotics, no Steroids and no added Hormones.

Video taken Nov. 4, 2015

Link: What is a free range turkey?

Bees cowichan ValleyBuzzy Bees:

Available Soon. Taking Orders Now: .

1. Honey Bee Nucs (pollinate and make honey)

2. Bee Supplies & Equipment

Call us and talk to Jim or email us and we will call you.

Email : method)
We prefer emails since we are outside most of the time. Thanks.

Installing your first Nuc of Bees - YouTube



Ordering Options:

Email :

PHONE: prefer email, easier to track orders, thanks

Free Range Turkeys Victoria

cowichan valley farms
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Turkeys, Chickens and Cows

Welcome to our farm web site

We believe in healthy living and we believe eating healthy meat is part of that. Hormone free, stress free and happy, pasture raised beef. Free range and hormone free turkeys and chickens. .

Every animal is treated humanely and with respect.  If the animals are contained it is only to protect them from predators, such as raccoons, at night time. 

Hoping to meet you some time soon,

Cowichan Valley Farms



Our Mission

Island Grown Food for Island Folks.

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We are committed to helping Vancouver Island have its own sustainable food source.

Offering the consumer an alternative to commercialized and industrialized food


Turkey is a Super Food






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